Mirjavadova's Art

 Mirjavadova’s contribution to the world of art has been marked with conferral of the Chevalier [Knights] title of France’s Order of Arts and Letters. French Ambassador in Baku Gabriel Keller handed the award to her on October 21 at a special embassy reception.

The ambassador spoke highly of Mirjavadova’s work at the awards ceremony.

  “Your decisively contemporary art work feeds on a restless quest of the thuth, your interest in all forms of art is nourished by your love for reading and your taste for philosophical queries,” Keller said. 

 “Your intellectual demands, particularly, rejection of any compromise, and  your ascetic lifestyle, turn you into a fighter in the realm of art, in a world whose values are diametrically opposed to yours. You have created a world of art where the aspirations of your vulnerable soul, emotions and poetry in particular are combined with sensibility and naivety, which some would describe as that of a child.” 

 Mirjavadova has recently told AzerNEWS: “I am delighted to have this order. We had long waited for each other, there was a ‘Berlin Wall’ that stood in the way of our encounter. And this award particularly means a lot to me as [it means that] a knight’s valor is transformed into an artist’s courage.”

  Mirjavadova’s deserved award should bring delight to all Azerbaijanis, thought it appears to be a troubling indication that a bright personality can draw public attention in the country only when he or she is recognized far beyond its borders.

Nargiz Hajiyeva,

AzerNEWS, November 19-23, 2010, page 8